Monday, March 14, 2011

Dtps (Formosa Rose x Modern Rose) x Ching Ann Davis

In December I got this Doritaenopsis (a cross made from Doritis x Phalaenopsis) after it had finished blooming. The plant was weak but not the worst I have seen. All the roots in the pot were dead but there were some aerial roots. Dtps (Formosa Rose x Modern Rose) x Ching Ann Davis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI trimmed the dead roots and re-potted the plant lower in the pot so that the roots were mostly in the bark.

I left both of the spikes alone because at the time there was a hint of a new branch on one of the spikes and a keiki on the other. Now that hint has become a 2-inch branch and a node below the keiki has a short but definite branch too. It shouldn't be too long until I can take a flower picture to add to the inventory listing.

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