Thursday, March 3, 2011

Greenhouse bench rehabilitation

Each year I do a spring cleaning. Yes, I try to keep the place a little cleaned up all year, but in spring I make a special effort. This year I am doing even more than usual, an entire reorganization of the plants.

I have 4 tiered plant stands. They are made of teak and have lasted very well. But this year, the one of the tiers broke. Inspection showed that there was a second ready to break soon. I decided to not only rehab the benches but widen them as well. They are going from 30 inches to 48 inches.

The first of them is done. I am very pleased with the result. This was the worst of the 4 and I sent it and one other out for the prep work. I will do the last two myself since they are is better condition. They need only normal levels of sanding.


  1. Those look awesome!! Happy spring cleaning.

  2. Progress is being made. The second bench is done and the replacement shelves are glued up. I need to place the new benches back in the GH so I can unload the last two. That will happen during the week.