Saturday, March 5, 2011

Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana' x 'Jerry Boyd'

Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana'In September I went on a field trip to pick up a flask of Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana' x 'Jerry Boyd' from Steve Christoffersen. This is only the second flask I have attempted and the fact that at least one of the plants in each of the original compots that I made is victory enough for me.

Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana' x 'Jerry Boyd' compots

Laelia anceps 'Jerry Boyd'My understanding is that, although Laelia anceps are hardy and easy to grow, their seedlings are more difficult than other Laelia and Cattleya species. One the other hand, I have seen some of the compots the Steve made at the same time and mine are quite a ways behind in development. I have not had a single one develop a pseudobulb yet.

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  1. I also have not had great success. For my next compot (coming next week) I'm going to try seedling bark with fine perlite rather than using 100% sphagnum. Also, I'm going to grow them indoors under T5 lights rather than outside with my other plants.

    Good luck with your surviving seedlings.