Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laelia autumnalis var atrorubens

Laelia autumnalis var atrorubens - Flower photo by Richard LindbergIn July 2009 I decided to divide all my Laelia anceps plants because they were getting large. I included my Laelia autumnalis (shown below as it was then) in that effort. It had not really outgrown the mount but once I got going, none of the Mexican laelia plants was safe.

Laelia autumnalis grows in southern Mexico. It is cold to warm growing, blooming in the fall.

Laelia autumnalis plant before it was dividedThe oldest backbulb division went into tight-packed sphagnum along with all the anceps divisions. Quite a few of them sprouted but many did not, this division included. In retrospect, I can see that it was really too late in the growth cycle to be doing this dividing. I should have been doing it 3 months earlier or waited until the next year.

In 2010 this division made a feeble effort and grew a small recovery pseudobulb. When I took the plant out of the sphagnum I was interested to see an active eye (small redish triangle) on the other pseudobulb. There is a potential sprout in even the very oldest of pseudobulbs.

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