Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orchid Box Contents - Part 1

Today I am going to get the box of orhids potted or mounted and cataloged. They have now been properly identified and a plan made for each. Here is what I got.

Tetramicra canaliculata grows in Florida and the Caribbean on bushes in the full sun. It is warm growing, fragrant and blooms spring and summer. This is a genus than I was not familiar with but seems to fit my greenhouse well.

It is in a pad of sphagnum and I strongly suspect grows hanging down as shown. I'll attach it to cork bark without disturbing the roots.

Epidendrum rigidum grows in Florida and extends south through Central America and all along the eastern side of South America in a wide variety of tropical, low altitude conditions. It is cool to hot growing and blooms spring and fall.

I am going to pot this in pea gravel and place it in slightly lower light. The wet conditions I have through the summer should fool it into thinking it is in a mangrove swamp.

Pollardia livida grows from Mexico south to northern South America in seasonally dry forests. It is warm to hot growing, needs bright light and blooms through the year but mostly in winter. The flowers appear to bloom successively. This species was recently classified as Anacheilium and before that an Encyclia.

I am going to mount it on cork and place it where it will get watered but not misted. Based on how vertical the rhizome grows, that should be much better than potting as a way to grow this.

This is a NOID, a Bulbophullum or Cirrhopetalum of some sort. My collection seems to attract this kind of NOID.

I will try to get it going again just to see what kind of flower it has. This will be on a small cork mount in fairly low light and wet conditions. We'll see in a few months if it seems to be happy.


  1. A great little collection of unusual plants, if anyone can nurse them back to flowering, you can...

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll do my best.