Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rhyncattleanthe Zul

Rhyncattleanthe Zul - Flower photo by Richard LindbergRhyncattleanthe Zul - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI have had this plant just under a year. It was at the end of the last blooming cycle so I got a glimpse of the flower. Now that it is blooming again I have a chance to take a flower picture. I really like the color combination.

Rhyncattleanthe Zul ready to be re-potted at the next growth cycleCattleya skinneri x Rhyncattleanthe Orange Nugget, registered by Z.Ibrahim in 1997.

The angle of the new growth is the result of a flaw in the Sonoma greenhouse. The major light source in winter is the south wall, not the ceiling. I have been trying to remember to use stakes for new growth.

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  1. I am glad I got a chance to see your blog - you seem to be very knowledgeable about orchids. It was a pleasure to read some of your informative posts. Do you live in the Bay Area? Thank you for coming to my blog.