Friday, April 1, 2011

Brassolaeliocattleya Lawless Romeo 'Sundance'

Brassolaeliocattleya Lawless Romeo 'Sundance' - Flower photo by Richard Lindberg

If I had to choose only one of my plants to keep, this beautiful mounted Cattleya hybrid would be the one.

Brassolaeliocattleya Lawless Romeo 'Sundance' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBrassolaeliocattleya (Blc) is the cross made from Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia. If the "Brasso" is from Brassavola digbyana, as it is in this hybrid, the name will change to Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rlc). Rlc Lawless Romeo is Rlc Toshie Aoki x Rlc American Heritage

I have had it since it was a seedling and it has been mounted on this piece of wood most of that time. From the time that it got to be blooming size, I look forward to the flowers every year. When I see the plant in the greenhouse, it makes me feel good.

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