Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dendrobium lichenastrum

The other day I noticed that my Dendrobium lichenastrum was growing off the mount. I got it only a year and a half ago at the SCOS BBQ and this is the second time I have removed divisions at the edge of the mount. It likes my greenhouse where it is warm, bright and wet. It has a flower open most of the summer.

Dendrobium lichenastrum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium lichenastrum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium lichenastrum grows in north-eastern Australia at all elevations. It is fragrant and blooms in summer and fall. It is very small and forms a mat.

I have several pre-made cork mounts. Some of them are quite small but none small enough for this plant. I will make some very small ones on the order of an inch and a half wide. I want to get these divisions back into the greenhouse to keep the active growth going. I think this species would do well in a terrarium.


  1. Richard, I have a question about this one. In terms of growth habit, it looks a lot like Dendrobium rigidum (aka Dockrillia rigida). The flower also looks really similar, but in yellow, instead of red and cream. I can grow and bloom D. rigidum just fine.

    It, and wassellii are just about the only Dendrobiums with which I have no problems. Do you grow your lichenastrum under the same conditions you would a rigidum?

    If so, one of those would work for me very nicely. Will you be putting up any of your divisions for sale within the next few months? I'd really like to buy one, if my assumptions about its care are correct. If your divisions aren't going to be for sale, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know where to buy one.

  2. I think they are similar. I have mine wet-ish and rigidum grows near streams. The temperature ranges overlap fine and I grow it very bright.

    I was planning on growing these a year or so since they are very small. However, if you would like to buy one now, or trade, I am happy to do that.

    e-mail and we will talk it over.