Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dendrobium parishii hybrid '#1'

Dendrobium parishii hybrid '#1'This plant is part of the Sonoma collection. It did not have a readable tag (written in ink instead of pencil) so I had no idea what it was beyond some kind of Dendrobium until it flowered last year. I see the D parishii influence but not the fringed lip.

The plant has grown over the past yearDendrobium parishii grows in Southeast Asia. It is cool to warm growing and fragrant. Blooms on old canes in the spring after a dry winter rest period.

This plant was down potted two years ago and has been growing. The pop-up picture was taken 16 months ago when it first flowered. It needs to be staked but otherwise I will not disturb it.

Next year there should be even more flowers if I can give it a real dry winter rest period. It is hard to not water plants even if it is the right thing to do.

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