Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doritaenopsis P0710-DV

Doritaenopsis P0710-DV - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDoritaenopsis P0710-DV - Plant photo by Richard LindbergA constant source of orchids is from friends, neighbors and random people who find out that I grow orchids in a greenhouse. I can understand the urge to find someone to take care of the plant rather that throw it away. This is one of those that came to me yesterday.

The tag said only "P0710-DV" by way of identifying the plant, but I can tell that it is a Doritaenopsis, a cross between a Doritis and a Phaleanopsis. The identifying characteristics are the leaf count and the number and size of the flowers. A Phal will have just 3 to 5 leaves and there are fewer but larger flowers. A Doritaenopsis will have lots of small flowers and spikes that branch.

Phalaenopsis schilleriana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergPhal and Dtps spikes can re-bloom. I will leave a green spike on one of these if it has a tag and I have not taken a picture of the flower. This plant had a couple of good flowers so I may remove the spikes. It is better for the long term health of the plant to stop it from using energy on blooming.

Phalaenopsis aphrodite - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThere was a cover pot and a layer of green moss and the obligatory dragonfly clips. It probably came from a florist. The medium is sphagnum moss and unfortunately it is rock-hard. I can't see any roots through the pot. Right now the pot is sitting in a bowl of water to try to get the sphagnum re-wetted.

We shall see, but my guess is that there will be few if any live roots in the pot. If that is the case, the spike will come off for sure.

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