Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laelia Canariensis 'Golden Glow' HCC/AOS

Laelia Canariensis is the primary hybrid Laelia anceps x Laelia harpophylla and was originally made in 1906 by Ingram. This plant from Steve Christoffersen is a division of the original awarded cultivar. I have had the plant about a year and a half and it has bloomed twice for me.

The rhizome is cut and the plastic tabs are in place.

Laelia Canariensis 'Golden Glow' HCC/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe plant has two leads and both of them are at the edge of the pot and are starting new growth. I want to divide it. Since the rhizome is right at the top of the sphagnum moss, I can back-cut, leaving the plant in place without disturbing the roots.

I used a new razor blade and cut the rhizome carefully and as cleanly as possible. I inserted a piece of plastic tag to make sure it doesn't grow back together.

I have the best of dividing scenarios. I have three division that take up the same space as the original and none of the roots has been disturbed.


  1. I am wondering if you ever want to grow a large specimen plant or you like to keep small divisions. Is it growing in bark or rocks and is the sphagnum just on top?

  2. I admire specimen plants and would love to have some. They take more time and space than I am willing to give them.

    This plant is in all sphagnum. It is growing in Sonoma and hand watered. This is the way Steve Christoffersen grows all his plants. Sphagnum is a challenge for any Catt or Laelia. I can not grow this in Napa because of the general water level in the greenhouse. I am building a separate area in Napa for the Mexican Laelias so they can be here.