Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sonoma County Orchid Society

The speaker at the SCOS was Gerardus Staal whose subject was "Orchid Pests and Diseases". I have seen this presentation before and it was a good refresher to see it again. I use his methods and they are effective.

I bought $10 in raffle tickets and came away with 3 plants, one of which will be added to the collection. The other two will be sold or given away.

The collection addition is Bulbophyllum rothschildianum. It is a species plant and grows in my temperature range.

I got a second Bulbothyllum, Purple Slippers 'Marion'. It is a very healty plant and a primary hybrid. I would keep it except that for the space problem.

The third plant was the last on the table. Again, a nice enough plant, but it is an Oncidium sphacelatum and both collections already have a bunch of these. I can't sell the extras I have because of the size of the plant and when potted, shipping is too much to be worth it.

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