Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bulbophyllum facetum

This Bulbophyllum facetum is mounted on a 6x10-inch piece of cork. There are 13 pseudobulbs. The plant is healthy, if a bit rough looking. It has a flower open and 5 more buds. These are long-lasting flowers so they will all be open for the open-house in three weeks.

Bulbophyllum facetum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBulbophyllum facetum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Bulbophyllum (Bulb) contains 1500 species found in all tropical areas on earth.

Bulbophyllum facetum grows throughout the northern island of the Philippines in the mountains. It is warm to hot growing.

I bought this plant from the member sale table at our (SCOS) spring sale. It had eight pseudobulbs and it is almost doubled it two years. Many of the pseudobulbs had two new growths.

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