Monday, May 30, 2011

Cattleya dowiana aurea

At Christmas I bought myself a present, 10 Cattleya dowiana aurea seedlings. The plants were healthy with 7 of the 10 having visible new growth.

The last of these plants died this month. I think I didn't treat them enough like seedlings or the difference in conditions was too much for the young plants. A couple died right away and I never found the right place for them as they kept dying.

I am not sure what I learned except to be shy of seedlings.


  1. I got two of the same seedlings from the same seller after reading your first post last December. I was disappointed that the plants were just seedlings recently potted up from plugs, much smaller than the ebay description. Despite pampering, one of them died a month later, but the other one is showing a bit of new growth. I'd be hesitant about buying from that vendor again.


  2. Although they're catts, they prefer it moister and shadier than you'd think. That's just my experience. YMMV.

  3. A good representation of the "agony of defeat", Richard. This is supposed to be a difficult species for many growers. I killed one when I was first acquiring species and have not been tempted to try again.

  4. I was lucky to get a mature Cattleya Dowiana Aurea on Ebay
    I kept it in the corner of my small green house and I should say I kept it pretty moist. The water here in San Francisco has a great quality so I use the hose to spray the plants when temperature exceeds 90F, I use rain water to water the actual pots the orchids grow in. C Dowiana Aurea bloomed for me and just recently finished blooming with 10 beautiful, large, very fragrant flowers.