Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cattleya walkeriana

Cattleya walkerianaIn December I bought a Cattleya walkeriana in bloom. When the plant arrived the flowers were already fading. This kind of thing is to be expected and the reason I almost never consider buying a plant in bloom. It was an impulse purchase, a gift to myself.

There were live roots only near the surface.Cattleya walkeriana grows in Brazil on trees and moist rocks at elevations up to 6000'. It is fragrant, needs bright light and blooms in the fall. It doesn't like to be disturbed.

There were chunks of treefern in the basket. I should have removed them right away when the plant arrived but I waited. I found them soaking wet and dead roots in that part of the basket. Cattleya walkeriana seems to be particularly prone to root rot.

I divided the plant and put the largest piece back in the same basket. There is another lead division in a basket and two backbulb divisions, four pieces in all. While there was some damage from waiting, it would have been much worse if I had waited another month since the greenhouse is moving toward the summer very high wetness period.

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  1. Hello
    This species is really fascinating.
    Beautiful flower. Congratulations.
    Ana Rodrigues