Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dendrobium wasselii

Dendrobium wasselii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis Dendrobium wasselii was an impulse buy from the SCOS member sale table. This is a piece of a very large plant. There are 13 pseudobulbs and trailing roots. It is fastened to a small cork mount just so the plant has a hanger of some sort.

Dendrobium wasselii grows in Queensland Australia at around 1000 feet at the edge of rainforest areas. It is warm to hot growing, blooms spring through fall and needs bright light. It is also known as Dockrillia wasselii.

I saw the plant this piece was taken from Tuesday evening at our meeting. It is a large plant with flowers all over. Very nice. The talk was about "specimen" plants in the sense we use it as opposed to the botanical definition. To us, a specimen plant is a large plant that has been allowed to grow. There is a bit more to growing them for show than just waiting, however.

The speaker, Cindy Hill from San Francisco is a expert at growing these large plants. I have seen several of them in San Francisco and she is a good speaker. But instead of inspiring me to grow one, I am more convinced than ever to let others do the growing.

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  1. I love these. For the most part, I am terrible with Dendrobiums, but anything that falls into the Dockrillia category works for me.

    The division of a different species that you sent me for a trade a few weeks ago seems to like it here. I'm growing it right next to my rigidum.