Monday, May 2, 2011

Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle'

Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe plant has been blooming from these clusters all spring.This Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' came from the member sale table in February. It has been blooming at regular intervals all spring. There are clusters of buds coming from the oldest cane. Not showy but interesting.

There were live roots only near the surface.Epidendrum ilense grows in central and western Equador at 1000 to 2000 feet in wet, tropical forest. It is hot growing and can bloom any time of the year. Leave old canes and spikes on the plant until they are totally dead because they can rebloom.

I re-potted the plant yesterday. I could tell it was pot-bound from the visible roots. When I got it out I discovered that the mass of roots below were dead. I have cleaned up much of the dead root material, trying to preserve any live root. It went back into the same pot in small bark over peanuts. The non-bio-degradable peanuts keep the plant's toes dry and reduce the over-potting factor.


  1. Regarding "keeping the plant's toes dry", what differences do you find between peanuts and rock? Thanks.

  2. Weight mostly. If I plan to keep a plant in my collection in Napa, rocks. If I plan to grow it in Sonoma or plan to sell it, peanuts.