Thursday, May 5, 2011

Epidendrum ruizianum

Epidendrum ruizianum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergWhen I heard that an orchid expert is someone who had killed 1000 orchids, I didn't believe that was possible. But I may be close to adding to my orchid body count.

Epidendrum ruizianum grows in northern South America on rocky slopes in full sun above 3500 feet. It is cool to warm growing, is fragrant and blooms in late spring.

Over the past two years this plant has died back and is now showing a tiny try at recovery. I have removed it from the general plant population and have moved it to the hospital where conditions are more mild. The species is supposed to be grown in very bright light and that is where it was. I suspect that it did not get enough water. That is one challenge in 2-inch pots. They dry out quickly.

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  1. I just looked this up, and I want it! So beautiful! Epis do very well down here in S. Florida. I have a purple and an orange. I had a red, but it died, and I never got another. They aren't as easy. I want one of the huge yellows. I'm sorry, I don't know the botanical names of all the colors.