Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Area Hangers

Greenhouse hangers

The last remaining task to get the new growing area ready for the open house is to put up a way to hang plants. That's the main reason for this area, to have a sheltered place to grow Mexican Laelia plants in hanging pots.

The picture above is of the hangers in the greenhouse. They are 2-foot pieces of 3/4-inch dowel running between the ceiling beams. They are resting on 1x2-inch boards that have notches to keep the dowels in place. They provide both a place to hang from and a support for temporary shade-cloth panels.

1x4-inch wood marked to become hangersThe beams in the new growing area are also spaced 2 feet apart and so I will use almost the same method. It is plenty strong enough for heavy clay pots. The only difference is that I will make the notches 9 inches apart instead of 6 inches.

I painted some 4-foot lengths of 1x4 pine and and drew a line down the middle from one end to the other. At 9-inch intervals I mark where I will drill a 1-inch hole. After the holes are drilled I will cut the wood along the line so that 1/2 half of the hole is on either side of the cut. When these are screwed to the beams and painted, there will be perfectly spaced matched notches for the dowels.


  1. Richard,
    Just curious, is there any protection from the rain in your growing area, I guess the cloth gives some protection? Are you worried about quantity of rain, perhaps this is not an issue in your climate? I have been worried about the large amount of rain I have had recently. I put my five anceps out two weeks ago, lots of rain since. Wish I was closer so I could visit your open-house, best wishes.

  2. Yes, there is a roof on the area. That was the reason for the design, to provide a diffused light and dry area for the anceps and a few Cymbidiums. We have a good temperature profile for them here.

    Sorry you can't make it, but I certainly understand. I am about an hour away for some of the people coming and I am hour plus from both San Francisco and Sacramento. Farther than that, well, let's just say that this is not a major orchid event. It will be fun though, and refreshments will be served.