Sunday, May 1, 2011

Laelia anceps sanderiana

Laelia anceps sanderiana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe eye might still produce new growth after two yearsI brought the very last of the 2009 Laelia anceps backbulb divisions from Sonoma and inspected them. Those that has sprouted at all were potted in bark and put in my expanded dry area. The ones that were not brown were potted in rock.

There were several that were not brown but did not seem to have much of a chance. This one in particular looked not very promising from the top. Yet when I got it out of the sphagnum there was a well developed eye at the base.


  1. You know I'm really new at this...where exactly is the eye? Is it that black end facing southwest? What will happen at the eye? Does it grow a new leaf?

  2. The eye is the small flap-looking thing on the lower right. The new growth starts there, not just a new leaf but a new pseudobulb, the next generation of the plant. Next time you are re-potting anything with pseudobulbs, look at the base of the pseudobulbs, particularly the youngest.