Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste aromatica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLycaste aromatica - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe Lycaste aromatica season is starting. I have 5 and they all bloom at about the same time but seem sensitive to their micro-climate. This plant is the first. The others have not started this year's growth, but they will very soon.

Lycaste aromatica grows in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras with a scent of cinnamon. It is cool to warm growing along rivers in oak forests. The genus Lycaste (Lyc) contains 52 species of epiphytes, lithophytes and terrestrials growing throughout the West Indies, Central America, Peru and Bolivia.

This plant is in bark over peanuts in a 3 1/4-inch plastic pot. There are four pseudobulbs and good roots and now a new growth and buds. It stands about 3 inches above the pot without leaves. The leaves are very attractive large fans that will last through the summer then fall off. This species does very well in my wet environment.

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  1. I love this species, but I have not had any success with it.