Friday, May 6, 2011

Stelis argentata

I was excited to recieve a Priority Mail box yesterday. I had traded for one of the new Dendrobium lichenastrum divisions and I was to get my first Stelis plant. When I opened the box I found a large, healthy division with an early spike on one of the stems.

Stelis argentata with a spike - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Stelis contains 500 species spread through all of the tropical New World. Many of the species have flowers that need a brief period of direct sunlight to open.

Stelis argentata grows from Mexico all the way to Brazil at altitudes all the way from 600 to 6000 feet. It is cool to hot growing and likes tropical rain forests. It needs low light and blooms late summer to fall.

I potted the plant is in pea gravel in a 2 1/2-inch plastic pot. My greenhouse is a perfect fit for this species so I hope it can adapt and the spike won't blast before it does. I will have to find a spot with reduced light, but that should be no real problem if I pay attention. Since we are now under summer watering, the greenhouse is very wet so the pea gravel will be fine as a medium.


  1. Hope it does well for you. It's a great little plant. My alternans has spikes all over it right now, although the argentata was just getting started with them.

  2. Richard, Your blog is realy exceptional. I have some catching up to do to read it all.

  3. Thank you Helen. I'm glad you like it. It helps me learn about my orchids and makes great plant notes.