Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cattleya bicolor 'Mendenhall-beta' (4N x self)

Cattleya bicolor 'Mendenhall-beta' (4N x self)The latest addition to the Brazilian section of my collection is a Cattleya bicolor 'Mendenhall-beta' (4N x self) from orchids-forever. The plant is the exact plant pictured and it was well packed and I got it quickly. This is not the first buy from this eBay seller and I will no doubt buy from them again.

Cattleya bicolor 'Mendenhall-beta' (4N x self)Cattleya bicolor grows in Brazil. It is fragrant, cool to warm growing and blooms in spring.

It will become a medium to large-sized plant. Even so, I am going to mount it. The out-of-pot roots were better than the in-pot roots and it has a definite direction. I will put it on a large piece of cork and it will look wierd for a couple of years, but the rhizome is short and I don't expect it will outgrow the mount no matter how big it gets.

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