Friday, June 17, 2011

Cattleya elongata

Cattleya elongata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI bought a second plant this week, Cattleya elongata. I am always looking for Brazilian species and when I saw it and the bicolor offered I bid. I admit to being distracted by the open house tomorrow and failed to note the eventual size of the plants. I now remember passing on opportunities before because they were large plants.

Cattleya elongata grows in Brazil in Minas Gerais and Pernambuco. It is a lythophyte, cool to warm growing and fragrant. It needs bright light and blooms in late summer.

As I usually do with new plants, I un-potted it and inspected the roots. They are quite good and the plant as a whole is very good. The problem being that is is still a couple of years from blooming size. I will pot it in rock and let it grow for awhile.