Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coelogyne flaccida

Coelogyne flaccida - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOne of the best growers in the greenhouse is Coelogyne flaccida. Since it is supposed to be cold to cool growing it is a mystery since my greenhouse is warm to hot. Yet, if I keep it in the lower part of the greenhouse it is fine, growing well and blooming every year.

Coelogyne flaccida backbulbs with some rootsCoelogyne flaccida grows from northern India through south China in mountain forests in the 3000 to 6000 foot range. It is cold to cool growing and is fragrant. The genus Coelogyne (Coel) contains 100 species found in all of Asia east of India and Indonesia and Fiji. Conditions vary considerably.

This plant had grown over the edge of the pot so I divided it. There were two leads and a backbulb division. I already have more of this species than I need so I am only going to keep one. The best lead will be potted in sphagnum and offered on eBay next week. The other lead will be potted back in rock.

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