Monday, June 20, 2011

I want this to be an orchid

Unknown flower growing wild - Flower photo by Richard LindbergWhile cleaning up for the open house I discovered this flower growing in my potting area. This is large L-shaped island with an old, broken and rusted grill. It used to have tiles all around the edges, but when they started to come loose, I simply removed them all.

That has been growing for awhile, I can see at least three old flowers. I can't see the plant, it is all behind the rusted metal. It would be so much fun if this were an orchid. It has a very orchid look to it. It is about 1/2 inch across so a little hard to really see. It seems to have three petals and three sepals, along with bi-lateral symmetry. I know there is more to being an orchid than that.

I have never had or seen an orchid like that. Still, there has been lots of loose orchid bark and other media and who knows what might have come it with another plant.

Any ideas about what this could be?


  1. Richard, I think this is a small dicot of some kind with three pairs of leaves. The venation and general morphology don't match what I'd expect from a monocot like an orchid.


  2. I will have to look up "dicot". No matter what it is, it is fun.