Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful'

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOncidium onustum 'Bountiful' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI enjoy looking at orchid plants as much as the flowers. As an attractive plant, Oncidium onustum is one of the most interesting.

Oncidium onustum grows from Mexico to Ecuador and Peru. It is warm to hot growing and needs a complete dry winter rest from after blooming until new growth starts. The flowers are very long lasting.

This plant has been growing in bark for two years and is ready to divide. The choices are to remove one lead and re-pot or remove both leads and leave a backbulb division to sprout. I'll decide that when I have the plant out of the pot. I might even mount the whole plant and try for two or more spikes in the fall.


  1. Check the picture of it 2 years ago. It has come a long way. http://blog.backbulb.com/2009/04/oncidium-onustum.html