Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful'

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful' pieces

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergNow that the open house is over I am trying to catch up on plant maintenance. One that won't wait longer is the Oncidium onustum that I talked about earlier this month. I don't want the new roots to develop very much so that they will have a chance to establish in the new media.

Oncidium onustum 'Bountiful' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOncidium onustum grows from Mexico to Ecuador and Peru. It is warm to hot growing and needs a complete dry winter rest from after blooming until new growth starts. The flowers are very long lasting.

When I took the plant out of the pot I was at first disappointed in the roots. The oldest roots were dead. But really, the plant has done pretty well since it was re-potted two years ago.

I am going to mount the left two divisions and pot the two backbulb divisions in rock. I doubt that the mounts will bloom this year but it is possible.

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