Friday, June 10, 2011

Tie One On in Marin County

They’re having a fun event at the Marin Orchid Society at the June 28th meeting. They will have a hands-on mounting workshop, ice cream and bingo. There's a winning combination! To quote from the newsletter:

"Mounting an orchid on bark has challenged many of us, possibly because it seems to required three hands or at least 12 fingers.

"Adam Anderson will demonstrate his techniques and tips for fastening an Orchid onto a hardwood mount. Then everyone will have the opportunity to "tie one on" themselves...onto a piece of cork bark, or other material of your choosing. The Society has purchased cork bark, and you may select and purchase a piece for $5. OR you can bring your own mounting material (hardwood is recommended, for its durability). You may bring your own Orchid to mount on it (and share divisions with others, if you like), OR the Society will provide FREE divisions of Bulbophyllum for you to mount. We'll also provide monofilament, sphagnum moss, tools, hanging hooks, and plant tags for you to use. I'm told it's easier than tying flies...but there is an art to effectively mounting an Orchid. Adam will also talk about how to care for your newly mounted Orchid, once you get it home."

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