Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cattleya maxima (alba 'Drago' x coerulea 'Hector' AM/AOS)

Nine plants in the compot separated

Cattleya maxima alba 'Drago' x maxila coerulea 'Hector' AM/AOS compotIn January I got this compot from Steve Christoffersen and it has been both in Napa and Sonoma. It was small and it got shoved around and seldom watered. Even so it has grown and today I decided to separate the plants and pot them individually in sphagnum and clay so that they can develop more through the rest of the summer.

Cattleya maxima grows in northern South America in coastal forests. It is fragrant, warm to hot growing and wants lots of light. It blooms in fall and winter and has long-lasting flowers.

I put each of the nine plants in a 2-inch clay pot. I put two foam peanuts in the bottom of each pot to take up about a third of the pot and leave a generous air space.

I put a sphagnum pad inside the roots and used more sphagnum to form a collar around the plant. I tried to keep excess sphagnum from sagging under the plant. I wanted to slip the collar with the seedling into the top of the pot without crushing the peanuts and reducing the space in the bottom of the pot.

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