Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kefersteinia tolimensis

Kefersteinia tolimensis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOne of the important changes to the greenhouse has stressed my Kefersteinia tolimensis. In the past it has been a vigorous grower but this year it is doing less well. Kefersteinia tolimensis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergKefersteinia tolimensis grows in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. It is warm to hot growing, low light, and needs even watering.

I got this from the raffle table at the Napa Valley Orchid Society in 2007. But as I have been having dryer and dryer winters, it has not been getting the even watering that it needs.

Part of the plant has died. I have trimmed it back and re-potted. The roots were pretty good so it should take off growing now while the greenhouse is wet.

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