Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOS

Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOSI got this plant about a year ago from Steve Christoffersen. This is a division of his plant, a large, beautiful Oncidium splendidum with huge pseudobulbs growing in the middle of his new greenhouse. It is eye catching, even when it is not in bloom. Oncidium splendidum grows in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a warm to hot growing lithophyte, needs bright light and blooms in spring and summer.

New growth. Time to repot, remove dead pseudobulbs and shift in same pot.Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOS a year ago when I got the plantI had the plant in Sonoma but I moved it to Napa when the outdoor growing area was complete so it could summer here. Right away, it got sunburn damage.

I miscalculated when the sun would get under the cover at ground level. I had it sitting on a cinder block about 8 inches above the ground. When the sun got to where the plant was sitting, it was still hot enough to damage this plant and a couple of others. I have added a curtain of 60% shade cloth on the west side as an emergency measure, but it doesn't look very good and it makes some of my storage area hard to get to.

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