Saturday, July 30, 2011

Orchid Database

Cattleya walkerianaI had planned to write something about one of my Cattleya walkeriana divisions and I found that I didn't have pictures of it. The web page shows pictures of a Dendrochilum cobbianum. I checked my database, and sure enough the computer was doing exactly what I had told it to do. Computers are very trusting!

Cattleya walkeriana - Plant photo by Richard LindbergMy website contains pages of information on about 600 plants in my collection and another 600 pages of photos of orchids. All of this is quite up to date and is a pretty good representation of my collection.

The reason for this is my orchid database. All the information on any of the plant or picture pages is in there. When I change, for example, a species description, it finds all the pages and changes them for me. In this case I had put the wrong picture ID in the database. Then I did not check the resulting web page.

I want the website to be accurate. There is a saying from when I had a day job, "The task is not finished until the paperwork is done". Editorial checking is part of the process. When I get into a potting frenzy I sometimes forget that, causing myself lots of extra work later.

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