Friday, July 22, 2011

Potinara Hawaiian Charisma 'Hilo Beauty'

Potinara Hawaiian Charisma 'Hilo Beauty'There were three plants in 6-inch teak baskets in the Sonoma collection. I planned to re-pot them last year, then I let the new growth get too well developed to do it. This year I divided and potted them. They all had good roots and for the most part, a routine process. But the basket was a bit of a challenge.

Potinara Hawaiian Charisma 'Hilo Beauty' a bit sun-bleached but growing strongOne of the plants was Potinara Hawaiian Charisma 'Hilo Beauty'. It was registered in 1999 by Carmela. It is the cross between Rhyncholaeliocattleya Hisako Akatsuka and Cattleya Memoria Robert Strait. Due to genus name changes it is more rightly called 'Rhyncholaeliocattleya' but I'm keeping it Potinara.

The key is to not try to save the basket. The roots could never have been pulled out without lots of damage because of the way they ran through the gaps in the wood. I cut through the side farthest from the new part of the plant. Then I removed the bottom slats.

Power tools to the rescue. Cut through the basket on the side farthest from the new growthI spread the sides apart being careful of the new growths. I watered the roots to get them more pliable and worked the roots away from the wood slowly and carefully. By hand only, no cuts on the plant. Just lots of water and slow inching the roots apart.

At this point all the medium is washed away and it becomes a routing dividing processAt this point it becomes a routine divide/re-pot. There are lots of healthy roots so it should take off. I made it into three divisions, two leads and all the rest a backbulb division.


  1. I like the picture of the basket all discombobulated. An obvious way to do it, but I probably would not have thought of it.

  2. The roots had to be disturbed some no matter how I did it but I am happy with the resulting divisions.