Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cattleya Orchidglade

Cattleya Orchidglade - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis Cattleya Orchidglade (Cattleya walkeriana x Cattleya aurantiaca) was a single pseudobulb division two years ago. Last year it sprouted and grew a new pseudobulb that was a little smaller than the first. This is usual with backbulb divisions.

This year new growth started but had a problem. Water got into the top of the new growth.We got crown rot and it stopped growing.

The plant has not given up. A second eye has activated and a second new growth has started along with new root growth. It is a bit late in the growing season for this to be occurring, but if I can water properly it should be ok. Blooming has probably been set back a year.

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