Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle'

Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe Epidendrum ilense I got only last February is in bloom again. The flowers are on one of the old canes. There are keikis on up and down the old canes. The two new growths are much taller. The plant seems happy in my hot, wet environment.

Epidendrum ilense grows in central and western Ecuador at 1000 to 2000 feet in wet, tropical forest. It is hot growing and can bloom any time of the year. Old canes and spikes can rebloom.

This plant is in a small amount of bark in a 3-inch plastic pot. It stands 18 inches above the pot and has 5 canes. I have put it in an outer clay pot because it is tippy. The newest canes need to be tied up.


  1. Love it! Put me in line for a keiki if you decide to give some away when they get bigger.

  2. I'll start a list on Google+. I still have invitations for Google+ to give out.

  3. This would be an interesting plant to grow. If it grows in a warm climate and you decide to part with a Keiki, i would like to be next in line.
    I'll email you for an invite to Google+

  4. I am also very interested in one of your ilense kikis. I'll be home until mid-October and return in mid-December if that fits in the kiki's schedule. Uh, what is Google+?

  5. I changed my mind about the list being on Google+, I will keep it here in the comments for this post. Be sure that you are notified when anyone responds to your comment. That way when they are ready I can update here and get things going.

    Google+ is a little like Facebook but better for focused groups. I have seven circles, two of which are orchid related. One is people who have me in a purely orchid related circle and send me only orchid related posts.

    A second is orchid people who also send other posts. I look at this group once in awhile but keep the first circle open all the time and check it often.

    If you want an invitation, I'll send you one.

    I doubt the keikis will be ready until spring, but you never know about keiki growth.

  6. I'm also interested in a keiki, if you end up having enough. Thanks!

  7. I am also very interested in Epidendrum ilense. I have plants of a cross between it and

    I also am very interested in Epidendrum ilense. I have some plants of a cross betwee it and Epi. conopseum that is in almost continuous bloom year round. I would like to do some crossing. Thanks for your consideration, Martin in Massachusetts

  8. This offer was from last year. These offers are for only a couple of days and are very limited.