Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have set up an "Orchids" circle on Google+. I have not been on it long and am still getting to know it. So far I haven't posted much that you wouldn't see on the blog.

I see potential in this beyond repeating from the blog. I have identified orchid friends among the people who have found me and put them in the Orchids circle so that we can share orchid stuff in a different way than blog comments. Maybe try the webcam "hangout" feature sometime?

If you are on Google+ already and would like to help me figure this out, please set up a separate circle for orchid posts and do at least one post about your orchids. Then add me, Richard Lindberg, to that circle. I will see your orchid post and add you to my orchid circle.

If you are not already on Google+ I have some invitations. Get my email address from here and we will find one for you.


  1. Hello Richard,
    I have recently been following your blog and have started a small collection of orchids to go along with my collection of miniature African violets...
    I would like an invite to your google+ so I can follow your orchid ring there.
    Will you be offering free orchids on the ring and the blog, or just on one and not the other.

    I enjoy your blog very much and you have inspired to start one of my own about my African violet obsessions.

    I have not been developing my collection with back bulb like in your blog, but i have gotten some GREAT deals on $30-$40 orchids after they have dropped their blooms... I just picked up 2 for $5 each... One was a Bllra Marfitch "Howard's dream" and the other was a Masd. coccinea alba.

    Take care,
    Willie Hernandez

    P.S. I tied to email you and that email address kept bouoncing back... :(

  2. Sorry about the mailbox. I have been distracted for a couple of days and the mailbox filled. It is accepting mail now.

    I have not given a free orchid on Google+ yet but I was planning to do both. There is the start of a group there, just getting warmed up. I'll send you an invitation.