Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rhyncattleanthe Zul

Rhyncattleanthe Zul - Photo by Richard Lindberg

In bloom right now is Rhyncattleanthe Zul which is Cattleya skinneri x Rhyncattleanthe Orange Nugget registered by Z.Ibrahim with the RHS in 1997. It is fragrant in a pleasant, generic way, that is nice but not like anything in particular that I could identify. This picture is from last year. This year there is a nice group of about 10 flowers.


  1. Very very pretty! I hope I can show off my blooms one of these days.

  2. Thanks. How is your Bulb lobbii coming along?

  3. The new growth now stands about 1-1/2" above the top of the pot.

  4. Way to go! It may take one more growth before it blooms, however.

    Aren't backbulbs fun?