Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEveryone loves a long lasting sequential blooming plant. Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang is one, and it has been in bloom since I got it three months ago. It is showing no sign of stopping with the bud of the next flower already formed.

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBulbophyllum Wilbur Chang is the cross Bulbophyllum echinolabium x Bulbophyllum carunculatum.

The plant has new growth from two places and there will be a third sprout off of the pseudobulb with the spike. I will make it into three divisions.

These divisions are not salable right away because of how the leaves look. They had a fungus at one time and they are permanently marred. The fungus is long gone and the plant is fine but will take a couple of years before it looks healthy.

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