Monday, September 12, 2011

C Pacific 'Red Fountain' x Summer Stars 'Circassian Angel'

Cattleya Pacific 'Red Fountain' x Summer Stars 'Circassian Angel' - Flower photo by Richard Lindberg

First time blooming for this plant, at least since I started taking care of it. It is a Stewart cross made sometime after 1962. This was made into a lead division and two backbulb divisions in 2009.

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This has been an interesting week as in "May you live in interesting times". But now orchids are able to have their rightful place in my life, so all is well.

If you would like one of the Epidendrum ilense 'Valley Isle' keikis, go here, leave a comment saying so. Be sure that you check the box that you want to be notified when someone responds. When the roots have grown to about an inch, I will add a comment of my own and we will figure out how to get them to you. The price will be very low. There will probably be four available.

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  1. Your posts were missed. Glad to know all's well in your life!