Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cadetia taylori

Cadetia taylori

Cadetia taylori - Plant photo by Richard LindbergYou can see the old leaf on the left. I moved this from Sonoma two years ago when it looked very close to death. It didn't seem to do much in 2010 but this year is making a comeback. The green is all recovery growth this year.

The genus Cadetia (Cad) contains about 50 species from primarily New Guinea. They need lots of water and low light.

Cadetia taylori grows in Eastern Australia and New Guinea in tropical forests at low elevations. It is warm to hot growing, low light, high humidity. It blooms spring and fall.

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  1. Mine's blooming, too, with 8 flowers. Don't you just love these little guys? They're so reliable.

    I hope to post pics of mine later this evening, along with pics of a few other things I have blooming now.

    BTW, every plant you've sent me, for postage or trade, is doing fantastic here.