Friday, September 23, 2011

Coelogyne flaccida

Coelogyne flaccida

Coelogyne flaccida - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOver in Google+ we are talking about Coelogyne flaccida and how it is likely to sulk, that is take a couple of years to recover when re-potted. I sent off a sprouted backbulb division to one of the group to grow. The discussion got me curious and I found a division I had made in February. The picture above was taken today and the one below in the middle of February when it was re-potted.

Coelogyne flaccida - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCoelogyne flaccida grows from northern India through south China in mountain forests in the 3000 to 6000 foot range. It is cold to cool growing and is fragrant.

This plant is in sphagnum moss in a 3 1/2-inch plastic pot. There were three pseudobulbs and a new growth and now a second new growth has started. February's new growth is still maturing. I will be watching this plant to see how large the new pseudobulbs get.

My theory on the subject is that there are some species that I have to divide at just the right time and others that can be divided on a more relaxed schedule. If the vendor tells me that a species doesn't like to have its roots disturbed, I have learned to pay attention and always wait for new growth to divide.

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