Monday, September 26, 2011

Epidendrum peperomia

Epidendrum peperomia - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpidendrum peperomia - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI was looking around for small plants to trade when I saw this Epidendrum peperomia in bloom.

This is one of those plants that looks too small to be anything, so I was glad it was blooming. This species will form a mat and flowers will come from all parts of the plant. It is very impressive in a "large" plant.

Epidendrum peperomia grows from Nicaragua to Ecuador in pine and oak forests. Cool to warm growing, low light. AKA Neolehmannia porpax.


  1. What a cutie! Goes right to my wish list. Low light requirement is good for my indoor space because all sunny spots are taken by vandas and catts. But does it need high humidity? Thank you.
    Also thank you for the loads of useful information here.

  2. The division you sent me last year, has worked out fine here. It was in bud, and the bud eventually blasted, but it has doubled in size since last fall, and looks great. I probably only dunk it twice a week, but it gets ample humidity simply by being hung in my kitchen, over the sink, in my garden window. Not exactly greenhouse conditions, but evidently, it's close enough for government work, so to speak. :)

  3. It can take pretty high light but can still bloom in lower light. It is a prettier plant in lower light. I grow mine quite wet and warmer than the suggested temperature range.