Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laelia lundii

Laelia lundii - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLaelia lundii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergA year ago I got a large Laelia lundii and broke it up into smaller pieces. I kept the pieces in a bowl until they sprouted in January and I mounted all of them except one that had not sprouted.

Laelia lundii grows in Brazil on the coastal mountains. It is warm growing, fragrant and blooms winter and spring. The flower picture is of Lealia lundii 'Grace'.

The three backbulb piece sprouted in late spring and sat in a clay pot until now. I would say to myself, "You should really do something with that" every time I saw it, but I didn't until yesterday. Instead of mounting it I put it into a 3 1/2 clay pot.

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