Friday, September 9, 2011

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney)

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI brought this plant from Sonoma to Napa in April so that it could live in the wetter conditions this year. It was looking pretty poorly at that point. It is looking much better now with a lot of new growth and blooming.

04/30/2011 - Blog entry

I am glad that I didn't divide it, althought it still needs it. Most of the plant mass is backbulbs and will never bloom again. It is too late in the growing cycle to divide it now. I can look at doing it next spring.

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  1. Beautiful plant! I have always loved the Miltonias and once had a large tree fern basket with two color forms of spectabulis in it. Now I fear they would never survive the heat where I rear most of my orchids (outdoors in coastal Sonora.