Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big NOID Catts

Along with the Laelia purpurata compot I got on my visit to Steve Christoffersen I came away with several big Catt hybrids that are not part of his stock. I am only too glad to help out a fellow grower solve a space problem. These will end up on the SCOS opportunity table after they are divided and re-potted. Some pieces will be added to the Sonoma collection.

All but two of these Catts have proper tags. This is one of them. It is supposed to be a Carter & Holmes with a catalog number of 4067. However, I have checked with them and this could not be that number. The plant has buds in a sheath so I will be able to get a flower picture which may help. Even if it is not identified, we have members who will enjoy having a piece.

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