Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cattleya Daffodil

Cattleya Daffodil - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI am going to do a skill session at the next SCOS meeting. I have already done backbulbs and mounting so I tried to think of something different. Since I have been going big on sphagnum and sphagnum and clay I decided to talk about Catts in sphagnum. Cattleya Daffodil - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI will have to do some potting while talking so I started looking at my backbulbs as candidates.

One plant that is ready to pot is a Cattleya Daffodil. Cattleya Daffodil is the cross Cattleya Mercia x Cattleya jongheana Registered by Armstrong and Brown in 1907. A pot with a dozen yellow flowers is quite a sight and certainly does remind me of daffodils.

While I feel that any backbulb will sprout, some sprout sooner and make the transition back to flowering better than others. Cattleya Daffodil is among the easiest I have worked with.


  1. Such a beautiful soft and clear yellow! Is this a picture of your blooms? Also what is a pot size shown here? I wanted to find out if this cross is a compact grower.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I agree! This is one AWESOME flower!!!

  3. The pot is 4 inches. This hybrid is not a mini but not particularly large. The rhizomes are fairly short but it doesn't feel crowded. It would probably be considered compact.

    It is a great plant, still popular after more than a century.