Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cymbidium Aradian Sunrise 'Patrice'

Cymbidium Aradian Sunrise 'Patrice' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergIt is not a surprise that I left a "free" orchid show with a lighter wallet. One of the three plants I bought was this Cymbidium Aradian Sunrise 'Patrice'. It was the flower picture that sold it because it was not in bloom and my eye naturally skips big plants.

Cymbidium Aradian Sunrise 'Patrice' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis plant is in bark in a 1-gallon plastic pot. There are two old pseudobulbs pseudobulbs, a large mature pseudobulbs and two new growths.

I Googled the name and checked the RHS database and found no reference. With any other hybrid I would be worried that the tag was wrong, but the world of Cymbidiums churns out so many new crosses that I am not shocked to find nothing about it. And having a single flower in the picture is not ideal but I like the colors.

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  1. I got a comment via email from Charles B that the name might be Arcadian Sunrise and pictures make that likely.