Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laelia purpurata werckhauseri x schusteriana sib

Laelia purpurata werckhauseri x schusteriana parents

Yesterday I went across town to visit Steve Christoffersen and see what is going on in his greenhouse. His benches have a full array of potentially great species crosses. He has a great eye for quality and a well educated sense of how mixtures of traits might express.

Laelia purpurata werckhauseri x schusteriana sib - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI left there with several plants but I am most excited about this Laelia purpurata compot. There are about a half dozen plants in it and they are ready to be separated. Laelia purpurata can grow outside in my climate so once these get to be big enough that the space they take presents a problem, they will graduate to the new outside area. They will winter inside the Sonoma greenhouse this year.

Laelia purpurata grows in Brazil and needs a dry winter rest. It is fragrant, cool to hot growing and needs bright light. It can bloom any time from late spring into fall.


  1. I've just started rebuilding an orchid collection following a move to the subtropics and Laelia purpurata Werckhauseri was in the first batch I bought - I'm hoping it successfully attaches itself to the tree I've placed it in.

    BTW, you're missing the wonderful mouse-over pop-ups you normally do, it would be nice to see those blooms in better detail.

  2. I didn't use the popup on those because they are not my pictures. They are the parents of the compot and I wanted to show them both without taking up too much space.

    The popups will be back. I like the CSS method because it is done without any javascript.

  3. Lucky you, Richard! These compots sure require patience, though...