Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots'

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - Flower photo by Richard Lindberg

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergFor heaven's sake, Oncostele? The naming wars are on the verge of going too far. Colmanara, thank you very much.

This plant is in bark in a 4-inch plastic pot. There are six pseudobulbs and it stands eighteen inches above the pot. This is the cross Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele (Colmanara) Wildcat.

I added to my collection from the SCOS raffle table two years ago. This is the first time it has bloomed. I didn't check the roots at the time, but I bet that they were poor. This has been in Sonoma and I am pretty sure it has not been over-watered. It needs cleaning and re-potting and I will do that as soon as the flowers are gone. In the meantime it will be in the display window in Sonoma.

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